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These wonderful original oil paintings are created by the Martinez family in the Mexican state of Jalisco who have been doing this amazing art for generations. These are all hand painted to exact detail and colors that bring back memories of traditional and rural Mexico. They come in a variety of sizes and frames including rustic wood and lacquered smooth wood in dark brown and wine color. Each painting brings the true flavors from pre-Columbian Mexico through Colonial times and into scenes such as life in today’s small Mexican pueblos.

Other paintings depict animals, birds, flowers, murals, Charros (Mexican cowboys), dancers and a wild assortment other images. These paintings would be extremely attractive to Mexican immigrants and succeeding generations of Latinos as well as the general public looking for some exotic art. The prices on these pieces might seem incredible for original art, however this family has developed techniques including tracings and the ability to apply the paint quickly and accurately due to training and experience.

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Traditional, Charro and Agave
Pueblos (Mexican Villages)
Fruits, Still Life and Flowers
Animals, Birds and Nature
Cocina (Kitchens)
Fridas, Indigenous and Religions

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