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One thousand seven hundred years ago, on a small island near the coast of the current Mexican state of Campeche; the Maya built a ceremonial center called Hanal (house of water). The land was barren, so the Maya transported material from the mainland to construct buildings and temples. Centuries later, after the arrival of the Spanish conquerors in 1519, the name of the area was changed to Jaina, by which it is still known today.

Numerous pre-Hispanic tombs have been discovered in Jaina. In keeping with Maya tradition, they were filled with various utensils and ceremonial objects like bone picks, vases, stone tools and, above all, small clay statuettes. The latter are the objects that have given Jaina its fame, for they depict the people of the island with such fidelity, it seems as if they have returned from the dead.

Below are 8 pieces recently completed for a famous mexican restaurant in San Francisco. They were completely hand made by Kuka, of the famous Ibarra Famly in Jalisco, México.

**Click once on the Image for the enlargement.

Compare these amazing replicas from the Ibarra family to the originals.

Gobernante Cultura Maya
Gobernante Cultura Maya
Figurilla Femenina Maya
Figurilla Femenina May

Prices depend on size and complexity of design.
Since all pieces are hand made we can create any figure to your desired size.

#1 Ahau o señor supremo
#2 Danzante Cultura
#3 Figura Femenina
#4 Figurilla Femenina

#5 Figurilla femenina
#6 Figurilla femenina
#7 Gobernante
#8 Miguel Chan Tut

#9 NobleCultura Maya
#10 Tejedora

#17 Guerrero Maya

#20 ballplayer
#21 Jaina Man
#22 Jaina Maya Man
#23 Jaina Warrior

#26 MaleFemale
#27 Maya Ballplayer

#28 Maya Man Tall Hat
#30 Mujer Maya de Jaina
#31 Mundo Maya


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