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Pajaros y Flamencos / Birds & Flamingos made of papel mache.

Flamingo #1
55.1"H (1.40mt)
Price: $49.50 each
Flamingo #2
45.7"H (1.16mt)
Price: $41.50 each
Flamingo #3
43.3"H (1.10mt)
Price: $39.50 each
63"H (1.60mt)
Price: $59.50 each

Outdoor Decoration made of papel mache

Couple of Flamingos in Papel mache
size 47"H
(120 cm)
Price: $76
Flamingo open peak in papel mache
size 43"H
Price: $38
Couple of Flamingos in Papel mache 2
size 43"H x
Price: $73.50
Couple of Flamingos in Papel mache medium
size 30"H
Price: $38.50
Flammingo Small in Papel Mache
size 22"H
(55 cm)
Price: $14.50
Guacamaya Papel Mache
size 24"H
Price: $17
Couple of Guacamayas Papel Mache
size 21"H x 31"W
(53cm x 78cm)
Price: $48.50
Ducks in Papel Mache
size 14"W x 22"W
(35cm x 55cm)
Price: $48.50 Each
Swan in papel mache
size 14" x 20" x 24"
(35cm x 52cm x 60cm)
Price: $57.50
Quetzal in papel mache
size 35"H
Price: $35.50
Big Guacamaya
size 28"H
Price: $34.50
Cacatua in papel mache
size 24"H
Price: $34.50
Perico in papel mache
size 27"H
Price: $34.50
Cacatua 2 in papel mache
size 28"H
Price: $36.50
Pinguino in papel mache
size 21"H
Price: $39.50

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