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Emmanuel and his wife Ana are young indigenous natives of Chiapas and were raised in the Maya culture there. For many generations their families and others in his village have worked in the traditional hand embroidery fabric business. Being more educated and progressive than most there, they saw a need for a more modern approach to quality control, marketing and wholesaling of their products. Knowing all the families in the area working this trade, over a period of time they organized them into a Co-Op to maximize the benefits to all. Emanuel buys the Manta fabric (100% unbleached cotton) and does the design work and then farms out the cutting, sowing and embroidery to the best families in the nearby remote villages for that particular product and design. The fabric is pre-washed so there will be no additional shrinkage and the cotton fiber is sturdy, loosely woven and cool. The designs are absolutely unique and stunning and true to the centuries old culture. Over time they expanded from traditional blouses and dresses into fabric bags, table runners, cushion covers, belts and much more.

Dennis, the owner of El Dorado Imports and for many years in the Mexican wholesale business and a full time resident of Mexico discovered this unique Maya couple at a Tianguis (street fair) almost 10 years ago in a nearby town. He recognized not only that their products were superior to most in this category but they were very organized and able to complete wholesale orders in a timely manner. They soon came to an agreement for representation for wholesale business and negotiated pricing that benefited the families there and also the clothing stores and boutiques that desire these unique products.

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