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Dennis and Artist in Malinalco.

Humberto was one of the first important artists that Dennis discovered and has been working with for over 20 years ago. Humberto lives and works in a small village just outside Teotihuacán (the ancient city of the pyramids near México City) and is a master carver of obsidian.

Martin and Kuka Ibarra are well known ceramic artists from the small village of San Juan Evalengista in the state of Jalisco. The son and niece of the legendary artist Sixto Ibanna they continue the tradition of exact replicas of pre-Columbian figures such as the iconic jaina figures of the ancient Maya.

Angel is a self taught master artist who specializes in obsidian stone. For many years he has been working in the very rare but beautiful Rainbow obsidian. He has created many custom pieces for our aficionado customers all over the world

Jose Luis Torres. A true maestro of the ceramic arts and leading member of the famous Torres family in Chapala, Jalisco. Luis studied pre-Columbian art from books, Museums and any resource he could. Unfortunately Luis passed away recently but not before passing on his extensive knowledge to his sons who continue this family tradition.

Manuel Torres. Son of Luis Torres who recently passed away (see above) has been trained well being at his fathers side since a young boy. Manuel along with other family members are carrying on the tradition of creating authentic replicas of Aztec, Maya, Olmec and other Mesoamerican cultures.

Jesus creates wonderful pre Columbian figures from obsidian and dressed in sterling silver and semi-precious stone. Taxco is the silver capitol of Mexico and has a strong tradition of producing some of the best artisans in the country.

Salvador. Tequila is world famous for the special beverage it produces from the agave plant that is indigenous there. It also has some of the best obsidian stone including the rare rainbow. As a young man Salvador discovered and began mining this on his families land. This led to him creating obsidian art which he now has passed on to his sons.

Gilberto Torres. Another leading member of the Torres family of Chapala, Jalisco. Gilberto is the brother of Luis and has created hundreds of incredible molds of pre-Columbian figures.

OTHER Artesanos throughout México

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