This art form dates at least back to the 12th Century. Called repujado in Spanish and repoussé in French. Repujado is the craft of pushing, working or making a relief (three dimensional) in metal to give it an embossed look. Dennis McCann, originator of this site, went looking for a Mexican Artesano who had the skills to create this art with the original process but with sabor de Mexico (Mexican flavor). He found the Arteaga family in Tonala, an arts and crafts town just outside Guadalajara. Carlos Arteaga, his family and workers are shown here in various stages of creating these fantastic pieces. The metal they use is brass, copper and aluminum. The elements of the design are cut out of the metal and hammered from behind and twisted to the perfect shape. Some of the metal is retained in original color and some stained. Using a strong adhesive and metal staples the pieces are then assembled to give a smooth comprehensive mosaic. It is then framed in a fine wooden frame with a choice of four colors.