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These genuine ceramic hand painted Lupita dolls are lovingly created by a large extended family in the Central West part of Mexico. This is a craft that has been passed on for generations and is more than a business but part of their cultural heritage. Each doll represents an activity or distinctive characteristic of traditional or rural Mexican life. You can almost taste the fruits and vegetables that they harvest. You can see the typical plants like the Maguey or Agave, from which Tequila is produced. You can also admire the different views of the countryside and dress styles of diverse regions of Mexico. You can also admire their beautiful Charra Dresses with the typical sombrero Charro (or Charro Hat). These dresses are used only in very selective occasions in Mexico such as parades like the "Revolution Day" Big Parade that is celebrated on November 20th. Each doll has a different hair style and traditional accessories.

These unique Lupita ceramic dolls are all handcrafted and painted by extraordinary loving hands. The work that is put into each and every one of these dolls is incredible. The details are so perfect that you will fall in love with them once you see them up close and personal. More than a doll, these are extraordinary pieces of traditional art that can be passed on to future generations.

We have an exclusive agreement with this family to represent them with wholesale business outside Mexico.

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