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These pieces represent the very highest quality of traditional Mexican ceramic pottery. The Gomez family in Michoacán had been crafting pottery for generations when in 1996 they were invited by the Michoacán University of San Nicolás de Hidalgo to participate in an experimental project which aimed to recover an old technique called "AL NEGATIVO” to create identical quality and even superior to that of the pieces that were on display at the state museums, where valuable archaeological pieces of Michoacán ceramics are exhibited. They were able to closely study the pre-Hispanic techniques and initiate a process of redesign and experimentation on their own work. With numerous experiences of trial and error, they managed to recover the AL NEGATIVO technique. This is the only workshop in the country that works this technique. Each piece requires great dedication and time. They are forged and decorated by hand, using pre-Hispanic forms and designs.

The most important achievement of the workshop has been to create a line of ornamental products from what has been learned in the Project using the original cultural resources that have been legitimately appropriated. These products are unique in the country for their originality and beauty.

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