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We are a registered California, US company with an office and warehouse in Jalisco, México, close to Guadalajara, and have been doing wholesale business from here for almost 30 years. We have identified the very best shipping options depending on the size and weight of the orders and also the destinations we ship to worldwide. We have developed long-term relationships with the various shippers and earned the lowest rates because of our longevity and volume. One of the benefits that we provide to our clients is that they ONLY pay the discounted shipping rate that we negotiate. We provide the actual receipts.


Our minimum order of US$500 allows some first time buyers and smaller retailers to start with package shipments using our highly discounted UPS package rate. We do not charge for packing and handling and our clients take the advantage of our 40% discounted UPS worldwide package rate that includes all the paperwork, and again we provide the actual discounted UPS shipping receipt that you pay.


We work with a great shipper here in Jalisco to consolidate orders to their warehouse, palletize and shrink wrap. Our great discounted rate includes creating all the paperwork, including NAFTA (soon to be USMCA) that eliminates customs fees to the US and Canada, trucking to the border and crossing to their warehouse in Laredo, Texas. From there we are able to forward to anywhere in the US and Canada using great rates that we get with Worldwide Express, the premier trucking broker in the US. Again you get all the low quotes from this broker that you pay.


We provide the consolidation and packing plus getting the best trucking rates that includes all documents and paperwork to cross the border to deliver to the final destination. We provide professional and expert packing and loading of the containers for a 10% fee.


We have established a relationship with Hapag-Lloyd, the world’s leading ocean container shipper with great discounted rates. Working with Alex Ponce at their Guadalajara office here, we can get quotes to any port worldwide, also to include having the container transported to the final destination. We work with a shipping broker here to create the documentation and paperwork needed for this type of transport. Since we are fairly close to both coasts we can quickly get containers to either Manzanillo for Pacific shipments including Australia, Singapore and the Far East or Altamira on the Gulf of Mexico for European, Mediterranean and Middle East destinations. Our costs include the warehouse consolidation however we add a 15% packing and loading fee to these shipments since we hire specialists to insure that everything arrives safely.


Click into one of the 6 basic category bars at (for example HOME AND GARDEN) and then scroll down to see the item banners within that category. When one catches your eye, click in to see all the products there, each with photo, info, wholesale price and a name or ID#. Create your order list as in the example below. Each of the product banners has an ID # on the bottom right. For example in HOME AND GARDEN the first product banner is Decorative Pottery (HG-1), so an order from there might be as follows: HG-1
5x Jarra Cuadrada @ $19.50 ea. = $97.50
5x Florero Arabe @ $19.50 ea. = $97.50
3x Juego Grande Jarra Gorda Lisa @ $33 ea. = $99
We are here to help with any questions, so please email us at and myself (Dennis) or someone from our office here in México will email back or call you to answer any questions. We believe in personal service and have many long time happy customers. Our toll free forwarding number (from U.S. and Canada) to us here in México is 888-442-4095. Our Mexican office number for those outside the U.S and Canada is +52 376-766-5322.
CLICK HERE to see photos and videos of the packing of boxes and pallets and loading of the truck and ocean containers.