El Dorado Imports has for 20+ years created a very successful wholesale business now headquartered   in Jalisco, Mexico. We work mostly with families and indigenous groups throughout the country who   have been creating these traditional products for generations. We have visited their Talleres   (workshops) and established our relationships based on honesty, good working conditions, quality   product control and their ability to fulfill orders in a timely manner.

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  The Huichol Indians (pronounced Wee-chol) are a shamanic culture of Uto-Aztecan people inhabiting the remote Sierra Madre Mountain range in Mexico that despite threats from outside influences have miraculously survived into modern times. It is the rich Huichol cultural legacy of native spirituality, symbolism, music, folklore, plant knowledge and profound religious insight that spills over into the beautiful jewelry and artwork that they make. Each piece is an exquisite arrangement of tiny colored glass beads stitched into intricate patterns of geometric and animal designs that have been passed on for generations. This is extremely time consuming and detailed work and we have a exclusive arrangement with a co-op composed of a few of these tribes that do the highest quality of this art. We pay fair prices and are proud of our ability to help keep this tradition alive and thriving.  
Herminio Diaz

Huichol Artisans. Karen Bautista & Herminio Díaz
Here are some sample photos of this art.



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