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These hammocks made by the Villajuan family of the Yucatan in Southern Mexico are not ordinary hammocks. They are hammocks made with natural fibers, such as henequen fibers, sisal fibers and also sansiviera, a species of agave commonly known as "cow tongue". Traditionally, the threads were worked by hand, usually with the fibers hanging over the thigh. It was a very laborious process but resulted in soft and elastic hammocks. Elena Villajuan wove fibers in this way until her husband fabricated for her an ingenious device with boards and a bicycle wheel, designed to function like a spinning wheel. Now Elena and the younger women in the family have perfected the use of this useful apparatus. To prevent the fibers from drying out and breaking, work begins first thing in the morning to early afternoon, when the fiber is wet. The family also dyes the fibers used for the hammocks, with dyes such as indigo, pericon, rosewood, cochineal and others, resulting in a great variety of tones in finished hammocks. The art of knitting hammocks has been handed down from generation to generation with this family been pioneers in this technique and have an outstanding reputation for the very best quality and strength of these unique hammocks.

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