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Born in 1961 in the Mexican state of Jalisco Florentino’s interest in ceramic painting began when he was eight, attracted by the way his parents painted jugs sold in the square of Tonalá. His parents always worked in the Tonalteca (indigenous from this area) traditional style of Barro Brunido (burnished clay) so he was influenced by their techniques and designs. At sixteen he started working in the workshop of Peter Basulto, then the most renowned pottery workshop in town.

Once he got the necessary experience, he started his own workshop and has since worked independently. He began developing experience in burnished clay; vases, plates and figures. It was at this time he began to use "D'Tino" as the mark of his workshop. He then honed his experience with low-temperature fired ceramics with polychrome finish. Deeply influenced by the craftsmanship of the village of Mata Ortiz, Chihuahua and for fifteen years has focused on this style as well as creating his own unique techniques and designs. With over forty years of experience and everything he learned in his career he has managed to merge the elegance and style of painting Mata Ortiz with his attachment to Tonaltecas origin. He has many admirers throughout the world including in Mexico, United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Spain, Israel, Germany, among others. He is still learning and dreaming of new methods and ways, so his motivation for innovation is still abundant.

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