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Note from Dennis McCann, owner of Eldorado Imports and this site.
A while back I was at a Tianguis (street fair) in a nearby town here in my state of Jalisco. I often do this to seek out special artists and groups that are producing unique products that I will consider adding to our wholesale catalog. I came across Jesus and saw that he had an amazing display of high quality leather handbags, shoulder bags, sports bags and backpacks. Not only were the designs and detail very unique but many also had front or side pockets designed for smartphones that most people carry these days. Also most have inside credit card pockets and many have additional inside pockets also. Immediately I knew that I had come across something special and wanted to explore further. The following week I visited his taller (workshop) and saw a hive of activity and he showed me the many tanned hides that they were cutting and handcrafting the bags from. I learned that most of his business is within México and especially at many of the upscale resort uhotels and high-end shops. We soon came to a wholesale representative business agreement for sales outside México. The prices he is offering me might seem unreal but you have to understand that labor costs are low here and Jesus gets extremely good prices from the tanneries because of the volume he does with them and his long term relationships. I then spent weeks taking photos and gathering all the information needed to create this presentation on our wholesale catalog. Take a look here and hopefully you will agree with me that these products are very special.

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