El Dorado Imports has for 20+ years created a very successful wholesale business now headquartered   in Jalisco, Mexico. We work mostly with families and indigenous groups throughout the country who   have been creating these traditional products for generations. We have visited their Talleres   (workshops) and established our relationships based on honesty, good working conditions, quality   product control and their ability to fulfill orders in a timely manner.

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  Rhodium Jewelry  

This line of jewelry was created because of the recent dramatic rise in silver prices. This new concept involves using Radium (4X more valuable than platinum) plating over brass to create the exact look of silver. Then 18K gold plating is used  to create the design. The price for these is almost half the same piece in sterling silver. This series use the iconic Aztec Calendar design for pendants (3 sizes), bracelet and two styles of earrings. The rhodium plating will not tarnish or cause a allergic reaction or staining of the skin.



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Front Side
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X-Large 2” diam.  $85
Large 1.25” diam.  $38
Medium 1” diam.  $25

Back Side


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Single 3/4” diam.  $35
Double 3/4” + 1/2" diam.  $40


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7” long.  $75

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